The fixed frequency oscillator / DRO dot frequency source serial products which adopt advanced micro-electronic packaging technology. DRO phase-locked dot frequency source adopts the technology that combines low noise field effect transistor (FET) and high Q dielectric resonant cavity so as to make the serial product have superiorities of high stability, high reliability, low cost and small size, etc.                              

P/NCenter Freq.Output PowerPhase   Noise
Lock DetectHarmonicsSpuriousPower Supply
GHzdBm @10kHz@100kHzdBcdBcV / mA
KDRO-4GHz-12412-90-105\2580+12   / 120
KDRO-5GHz-17517-82-100\2580+12 / 120
KDRO-17.375GHz-1017.37510-75-75\1560+12   / 500
KDRO-34.75GHz-1034.7510-68-68\1560+12 / 700
KPDRO-8GHz-15815-120-120TTL   High in Lock2080+12
KPDRO-10GHz-3103-119-119TTL High in Lock2070+12 / 200
KPDRO-9GHz-13913-119-119TTL   High in Lock2070+12   / 500
KPDRO-9.9GHz-139.913-118-118TTL High in Lock2070+12 / 500
KPDRO-11GHz-131113-118-118TTL   High in Lock2070+12   / 500
KPDRO-25.5GHz-1025.510-103-103High   External Ref.
    Low Internal Ref.
2070+12 / 600
KPDRO-1GHz-10110-118-120TTL   High in Lock2070+12   / 500
KPDRO-XGHz-131~913-165-165TTL High in Lock2070+12 / 280
KPDRO-XGHz-131~1613-165-165TTL   High in Lock2070+12   / 280
KPDRO-XGHz-1316~3213-165-165TTL High in Lock2070+12 / 280

Test Curves: