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Terms and Conditions of Sales

This terms and conditions of sales are expressly made of the quotation and order confirmation of KISYTA Technology Co., Ltd. ( KISYTA ). The details as below:

1.        Quotation

1.1     KISYTA will reply within 24 hours after got the RFQ. For evaluated better, pls give us details indication what you needed.

1.2     The formal price list will be given after the customer accepted the KISYTA’s datasheet. 

2.        Order and Procedure

2.1     The customer has to send in writing purchase order (P.O.) to KISYTA as purchasing basis. This P.O. contains P/N, description, quantity, price (USD) and expected delivery, address and payment terms etc.

2.2     KISYTA will send the customer the order confirmation and proforma invoice after received the PO.

3.        Payment terms: 100% T/T in Advance. Pls email us if you want to discuss the other terms of it with us.

4.        Shipping and Delivery

4.1     Usually, KISYTA’s products are customized and no stocks, so we have to according with the products’ specs to evaluate first and tell the delivery time.

4.2     If the customer needs to goods to be urgent, please discuss with us first. KISYTA will re-evaluate it and tell the customer the result of it.

4.3     The shipping date will not change once the sales contract confirmed. If any changed, we will inform the customer in advance.

4.4     Unless otherwise agreed by KISYTA in writing, all sales are made F.O.B. KISYTA’s factory in Chengdu, China. Risk of loss shall pass to customer when the goods are delivered to the carrier. Therefore any damage incurred during shipment must be settled between the customer and the Carrier. The most appropriate means of transportation will be chosen by KISYTA unless otherwise specified on the Buyer’s P.O. Nominally UPS or DHL Express is used.

5.        Warranty:  1year.

6.        Change orders and Cancellations

6.1     Change Orders regarding price, delivery, or any conditions not specified on the original order will be considered in effect after mutual agreement has been affirmed in writing between the customer and KISYTA.

6.2     Cancellation of any accepted order can only be made after written consent of KISYTA. All cancellations will be dependent upon customer’s agreement to satisfy all charges incurred by KISYTA and which will endeavor to stop work promptly upon notification of cancellation.

7.        After-sale Service

7.1     Please contact KISYTA once the products were out of problem. KISYTA will let the engineer evaluate the problem as the customer feedback and try to solve if possible.

7.2     KISYTA accepts return the goods if the problem can’t solve via email. Before return the goods, please contact the KISYTA and let us know the waybill once the customer sent the goods out.

7.3     KISYTA will evaluate the goods when received the goods and tell the result. The repair fee will be by customer if the product was damaged in used.